The Berdyaev Archive aims to be a centralized place to learn about Nikolai Berdyaev and read his writings. This is an entirely nonprofit, amateur endeavor.

Although I am in the process of updating and expanding the site, the Berdyaev Archive is largely a resurrection of the wonderful Berdyaev Online Library, managed by Fr. Stephen Janos until his passing in 2021.

This site hopes to provide as much access to Berdyaev’s insights as possible.

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Memory Eternal

Archpriest Stephen Janos

Fr. Stephen Janos was a priest of the Orthodox Church in America until falling asleep in the Lord in 2021. In addition to serving the Church and the parish faithful, Fr. Janos was a dedicated scholar who translated an immense body of work, most notably including the texts of Nikolai Berdyaev. The majority of the articles hosted on this website were translated and published in English by Fr. Janos.

View Fr. Janos’ Berdyaev Online Library through the Wayback Machine